If, I wish, If ever…! / Eğer, Keşke, Şayet…!

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f, I wish, If ever…!

If and I wish is the word at the beginning of the sentences, we build when we look back. We wish so much that there were not so many lost years and that we have cities that are resistant to disasters, in our country and all over the world.

The largest earthquake in the world is the 9.5 magnitude Chilean Valdivia Earthquake. Only 60 years have passed since this earthquake. Using the expression of the earthquake of the century for today’s earthquake has no other meaning than to minimize the neglect that has been going on for years.

Even the greatest regret is a hope for us in the creation of resilient cities. While disasters occur, daily life gets knotted, while watching the disasters. And we are always sad that this will be the end so that we can learn our lesson. And how quickly we forgot the last August 17 earthquake, even these days, if we still have to think of building earthquake houses on agricultural lands with a fever, we did it, even in the heat. Nature tells us, if you take it from me, I will take it too. But sooner or later I will definitely get back what you took from me. In one of our previous issues, I used this sentence again. To dominate nature, one must obey its principles. Dominating nature brings light to us and all humanity as long as it is in harmony with it.

Dear Readers and Authors;

In our 54th issue, we will take resilient cities as the theme so that epidemics, floods, epidemics, fires, earthquakes and disasters do not turn into disasters. This topic and theme priority will continue until the end of this year. So much so that in 2023, on the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey, we will be holding the 1st International Urban and Environmental

Research Congress. In this congress, we will keep the same topics on the agenda again. Until we build our resilient cities.

In this issue, we have increased the publication fee from 500 lira to 1000 (thousand) liras for our local authors during the hyper-inflationary process in Turkey and in the world, with the decision of the Editorial Board. The fee of 50 USD for our foreign authors will continue.

Dear readers and authors, Two days ago, GPT-4 was opened in digital world. After GPT-3.5; GPT4 Mind-blowing. This innovations is the digital renaissance of civilization. An Artificial Intelligence application that shows mind-blowing performances that are eyes to the blind, who make jokes, write stories on pictures. If I direct those of our readers who are interested in the subject to use the application, they will be grateful to us as it is not the land of inadequacies in the future. Do not be saddened by the despair of your tardiness when the GPT-5 version arrives nex. I’m dreaming of the projection of the GPT-5 in urban areas right now.

We have sent our contract with Index Copernicus!

While the Index Copernicus process was going on, we have also made our EBSCO HOST application, got pre-approval, and came to the contract stage. On the other hand, we are waiting for the outcome of our Web of Science application.

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Kent Akademisi Cilt: 16, Sayı: 1 / Urban Academy Volume:16, Issue 1

Volume: 16 – Issue: 1, 3/20/2023