Haz 15 2018

Publisher and Articles (Volume: 11, Issue: 2) | Makale Yazarı ve Makaleler

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Publisher and Articles (Volume: 11, Issue: 2) | Makale Yazarı ve Makaleler

* Publication Period: 34 – Year: 2018 / Editorial Board  I-VI
** A Few Things About Our Future Issues / Editörden

1 Economic Mission and Future Perspective in Urban Management / Kent Yönetiminde Ekonomik Misyon ve Gelecek PerspektifiNihat KURT 214-231
2 The place of Nanotechnology in Architecture /Mimarlıkta Nanoteknolojinin Yeriİnanç ATİK, M. Burak BİLGİN 232-242
3 The Concept of Urban Design Place and importance of Urban Design Guides / Kentsel Tasarım Kavramında Kentsel Tasarım Rehberlerinin Yeri ve Önemi / Serdar ARISU 243-255
4 Innovative Approaches for Tourism: The Impact of Cittaslow / Turizm İçin İnovatif Yaklaşım: Cittaslow EtkisiRuhet GENÇ 256-263
5 The Concept of “Smart Cities” in Terms of Evolution and Meeting with Reason: How Cities Become Intelligent? Geodesign Approach / Evrilme ve Aklıyla Buluşma Açısından “Akıllı Şehirler” Kavramı: Şehirler Nasıl Akıllı Olur? Geotasarım Yaklaşımı / Saffet ERDOĞAN, Recep ASLAN, Mustafa ULUKAVAK, Mehmet YILMAZ 264-273
6 Structural and Spatial Characteristics of Turkish Hamam Architecture / Türk Hamam Mimarisinin Yapısal ve Mekânsal Özelikleri / Elif ÇELİK, Ali Işık AYDEMİR 274-281
7 On Architecture and Paradoxical Difference / Mimarlık ve Paradoksal Fark / Önder ÇELİK 282-288
8 Bioclimatic Conservation Impact of Different Field Usage: Bingöl Province Case / Farklı Alan Kullanımlarının Biyoklimatik Konfora Etkisi: Bingöl İli ÖrneğiAhmet CAF, Ahmet KOÇ, Canan KOÇ 289-294
9 Human Rights, Justice and Equity in terms of Clean Development Mechanism as an Instrument of Climate Policy /İklim Politikasının Bir Aracı Olan Temiz Kalkınma Mekanizması Açısından İnsan Hakları, Adalet ve Hakçalık / Ferhan CAN 295/304
10 Strategic Management Approach in Local Governments / Yerel Yönetimlerde Stratejik Yönetim YaklaşımıŞadiye GÜNGÖR, Ender KUTLU 305-316
11 Nation Ideology and Its Components as a Roof Concept in the Republican Era Cumhuriyet Döneminde Bir Çatı Kavram Olarak Ulus İdeolojisi ve Bileşenleri / Sait YILDIRIM 317-331
12 Assessment of Bediuzzaman Said Nursi’s Approach to the Local Qualities of the Kurdish District in the Decentralisation Case / Adem-i Merkeziyet Fikrine Bediüzzaman Said Nursi’nin Kürd Muhitinin Yerel Vasıfları Açısından Yaklaşımının DeğerlendirilmesiErdal AYDIN, Aynur ATMACA CAN 332-344
*** Volume: 11, Issue: 2, Period: 34, Summer 2018 Ful Page 345-508

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Haz 15 2018

From the Editor: Urban Design Must Have Macroform and Mission Concern

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Dr. Ahmet FİDAN

Yayın Kurulu Adına

Urban Design Must Have Macroform and Mission Concern

From the Editor

We’re together in our 34th publishing season with the opinions and ideas which will enlighten the next thousands of years with the support of previous cultural accumulation. With the motivation that we got from the expression; “instead of complaining about darkness, light a candle yourself” which is the key mission of our publishing life, we’re with you in this issue with the new and unique, valuable than each other academic studies.

In this issue, although we tried to put the Urban Design into the center of our agenda, we didn’t flinch from including different articles about areas and close areas.

We have same worries about our modern-day cities, not only for Turkish cities (Anatolian Cities), but also for world cities. Because, the rationalized by popularity and rantability facts like artificiality and shallowness in architecture, the monotonousness in urban functions, commercialization of art are becoming more specifically endorsed. In this sense, human beings are becoming numb all together with harmony in the depth of the cosmos in its own vicious cocoon. This structure is necessarily perceived as an almost nightmare by the people who has depth and understanding of civilization and art.

Technology and intense physical and social environment, gradually manages and directs the pleasure and value understanding of the presentation of the places. And most of the time, this cause the missionless urban designs and buildings. However, aside of missionless designs, urban administrators started to slowly notice the needs to the urban macroform of the cities where they live inside. We would wish that especially urban administrators and/or local administrators would be educated on macroform, aesthetics, and art. The fact that our expectations about this are just fantasy is a very upsetting reality for us.

The New Microsector in The World: Street Economy

The efforts of Osman SIRKECI who is one of associate editors of our journal, to place the new sector which overtold as street economy or micro entrepreneurship to the literature, and his scientific series of studies, conferences, workshops, and symposiums across the world about this topic make us happy for the added value to our scientific and cultural world.

All of the academic studies which are participant in all academic studies within the scope of Street Economy / Micro Entrepreneurship will be published in our journal primarily. Also within this scope, the manifestos from the GLOBAL STREET ECONOMY CONGRESS which scheduled to be held on 1/7 October 2018 in Malta will be published as “SPECIAL ISSUE” in our journal.

We’re calling the writers, readers, followers, and academes to attend this congress.

Next Issue and About Our Publishings

Our journal added to new indexes with this issue. New reviewers who are valuable than each other added to the referee pool of our journal in every issue. Because it’s a government institution, the server of the articles is http://www.dergipark.gov.tr/ instead ofwww.kentakademisi.com. We didn’t have any important problem about this since our last issue. Our referees and editors managed refereeing processes as well. All of our updates are continuing simultaneously from both www.kentakademisi.com and http://www.dergipark.gov.tr/.

  • DOI Will Be Given to The Articles After September Issue

The articles in out September issue will be published with DOI because we’ve been carrying out every process from Dergipark since last two issues. The important thing that we expect from our writers to manage the processes rapidly while they’re registering to the system for the first time is that to create their profiles in the format of “Name and SURNAME” (Name with small letters, surname with capital letters), to use Turkish and English tabs together, to add their gsm numbers to the system absolutely.

  • Our Agenda in The Next Issue: Transportation, City, and Communication Systems

In our September issue, the articles about transportation and communication systems Continue Reading »

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