Aylık arşivler: Aralık 2022

More Housing or Optimum Residence… | Daha Çok Konut mu Optimum Yerleşim mi?


More housing or optimum residence

Draining the swamp requires great sacrifices, long-term plans and policies. This is only possible with the optimum design of the working and residential areas of the households. Otherwise, more housing, more traffic, more environmental pollution, greater economic losses, more loss of time and more work stress are inevitable. More housing production will produce results, just as the construction of a new overpass or underpass in urban traffic does not solve the traffic problem in question, and only postpones it. The only solution to this is to narrow the gap between the housing demand of individuals and the real housing need. This will be achieved through public service announcements and public awareness activities and trainings. Okumaya devam et