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From The Editor: Local Elections Became More Important Than General Elections

Local Elections Became More Important Than General Elections

Within the scope of local government reforms since 2005, the change of the local administration has become important as well as the change of the centralized government. Even the neighborhood headmen have started to carry out large scaled campaigns and even the candidates for municipal councilors have started to be the subject of the several campaigns.

In particular, the elections of Istanbul were not reflected as a change of local power, but as a change of central government force. As a result of the renewed election, the concussion, the fore and aftershocks still continue.

In a context where mentioned kind of issues will be particularly emphasized, the December issue of our journal corresponding to the 40th publication period will be published with the theme of “2019 Local Elections in Turkey and Urban Projections of Local Politics”:

1. Pre-election propaganda process,2. Open and covert alliances in the presidential system3. In local election process, continuity of local services due to the change of candidates in the local party.4. Results of local elections5. The effects of local election results on national politics in terms of political parties’ political futures;are the subtitles for our call which is related to our theme.

Terminolojik Düzeltim: Sıfır Atık Değil, Tam Geridönüşüm!

Terminology is the field of science and occupation that we prefer to make a strategic decision in the language which we use on an individual and institutional scale. Terms are the most accurate (optimum) use of language in describing people’s intent. Concept of zero waste may be defined generally as reducing the unnecessary materials to zero, whether in individual or in corporate life. This use is both irrational and incorrect in terms of subliminal messages.

Primarily, if the unnecessary material is to be used with the definition of “waste”, it is impossible to reduce it to level of zero. Secondarily, it emphasizes that these materials are some kind of waste. However, it should be emphasized to the concept of recycling in terms of the establishment of a culture of achievement. Likewise, when we consider the happening as universal or even super universes, the transformation is unchanging and divine truth within the existence. Therefore, we humans are also a matter in mentioned transformation of divine.

The important thing is that every part of mentioned materials should be seen as an absolute economic value. In brief, what needs to be done is the emphasis on fully controlled recycling. Here we wanted to provide FULL RECYCLING when using the technical terms such as “recycle”, “street economics”, “fully recycling”, “conversation/recovery of energy”, “decomposition from source”, “separation of waste from source” while struggling with these efforts. Even I, frequently took abandoned waste to the side of the garbage containers when I was travelling around the city with my vehicle. I think that this is a perception of life and an overlook to the divine of transformation.

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