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Quest for normalization in urban areas



Chief Editor

Dr. Ahmet FİDAN

Quest for

normalization in urban areas


normalleşme arayışları

Prolonging from a Few Weeks to a Few Years!

If we remember, the leaders of the countries and Ministers of Health were making full statements in the first weeks of the epidemic process that this epidemic would end in a week or two. Some of them have known that pandemics could prolong for two or three years.

The people of the urban life, who had difficulties entering the houses at first now they are still getting used to the streets in the process of after 2.5 years. They don’t know how long the masks will be used from now on.

While normalization processes continue in urban areas, all humanity has brought its cold and cautious status with the digital world to its default setting of warm and close. Now, in a way that will never be the same as before, the masses in the urban area would not break away from digital but would become more and more stuck with it and even merge with it. As such, urban space designs would require much more atomized and much more modular solutions than before. Maybe, the urban people in digital clothes will be lost in the digital networks of the streets with wearable technologies, who knows! Okumaya devam et