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Biophilic Design for Livable Cities | Yaşanabilir Kentler İçin Biyofilik Tasarım



Chief Editor

Dr. Ahmet FİDAN

Biophilic Design for Livable Cities

Biophilic Design for Livable Cities:

Disasters Create New Milestone!

As in individual life, human beings in the world make very important changes in their lives after great difficulties or disasters.

In this context, the latest pandemic has created deep milestone in our individual and social lives that will never be the same again. I can cite these as examples of technological transformation in social life, irreversible introversion in psychological life, and changes in conformist structuring of the private sphere in individual life.

One of these transformations, which is also the scope of our journal, is the trends in micro and macro lifestyles in our individual and social lives. The others, pursuits and designs attributed to the transformation of human beings from nature to nature. Okumaya devam et